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PHI 600/660 Conversion Kit


A Schottky Field Emission source upgrade is available for customers with a Lab6 PHI 600 or 660 Scanning Auger instrument. The conversion from a LaB6 source to a Schottky Field Emission (FEG) source improves resolution, gives higher beam current and a longer lifetime (typically 8,000hrs based on average tests). The conversion is designed to make it easy for the customer to upgrade the system at their site with the minimum of interruption.

The package comprises vacuum hardware, power supplies and electronics to provide a seamless upgrade route to allow for the full benefits of Schottky field emission. Systems are available now for a number of electron optical probes and SEMs. These include PHI 595, PHI 600 and PHI 660 and the VG Scientific MICROLAB Auger instruments. Other electron optical probes and SEMs can also be converted. 

The full benefits of field emission for Auger micro-analysis are available to users of a PHI 595, PHI 600 and PHI 660 by upgrading with YPS's YPS3/P595 or YPS3/P660 packages. The conversion for the PHI 600 is identical whilst the PHI 595 differs owing to the horizontal orientation of the instrument.

The system performance with field emission is broadly equivalent to the column performance of the Broadly equivalent to Phi 680 at 10keV in terms of current in a given spot size. As a result users of installed and mature PHI Auger instruments can benefit from a very high micro-analytical performance without the expense of a new instrument.

The key technical features and customer benefits of the upgrade package are summarised below:

Technical Feature

Customer benefit

Schottky field emission source

'State of the art' imaging equivalent to the PHI 680

Uses existing PHI objective lens optics

PHI scan and beam steering electronics and data system remain unchanged

More than 100 nA probe current

Suitable for depth profiling

Field Emission Assistant

Seamless integration with PHI or RBD data-systems

Excellent differential pumping

Small ion pump gives low vibration

External and internal magnetic shielding

Crisp imaging with no external interference