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Field Emission Gun (FEG)


A series of one and two lens electron columns and associated electronics that provide a complete high resolution imaging solution for ultra high vacuum environments. Applications include imaging in the UHV STM, Auger electron spectrometers and electron beam lithography.

The HV series (YPS proprietary design) comprise of a pre-aligned einsel lens. Two versions are available; HV-30 operational between 0.2-30kV and HV-50 operational between 0.2-50kV. They are ultra high vacuum (UHV) compatible and arranged to fit the bottom of a UHV chamber that houses the gun source. This unit interfaces the gun chamber with an intermediate differentially pumped chamber that is followed on by the column and specimen chambers. The unit requires operation at a vacuum level of the order of < 2x10-9 mbar.

The unit is comprised of the following: cathode; extractor and focusing lens. All components are constructed to a high mechanical specification and pre-aligned at YPS. The cathode is exchangeable without disturbing the pre-alignment, a novel property and feature unique to YPS's design.

The cathode is housed in a module referred to as the mini-module (M20). This is a pre-aligned module comprising the cathode in its suppressor electrode and an extractor. The HV-30/HV-50 when using an M20 mini-module is capable of delivering a focused electron beam that can be subsequently focused by magnetic or electrostatic columns to suit a given application.  

Each module is conditioned at YPS to withstand specific voltages. 

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