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About YPS Limited


Established in 1997, York Probe Sources Ltd has gone from strength to strength. Rooted in a strong background of research, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our in-house manufactured solutions are right for you. Our approach ensure confidentiality of design, whilst combining innovation in everything we do.

YPS Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer of electron optical devices and for over 10 years has manufactured, developed and commercialised innovative products in the field of electron-optics. With a combined 80 years experience within the field, we recognise our customer's needs and requirements in both quality and service and endeavour to offer both to the very highest standards. We have a strong research background and experience in ultra-high-vacuum systems, precision built and designed components for use in scientific instruments. For a more comprehensive appraisal of our products and services, please contact us: or 01904 799900.

York Probe Sources (YPS) Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of electron optical devices. We build and supply our own electron emitters (Schottky field emission types) for a wide range of machines including SEMs, electron microprobes, e-beam lithography, and other e-beam instruments. We also refurbish and upgrade under performing or non-operational instruments. YPS provide bespoke solutions for customers requiring highbrightness, electron optical devices for numerous platforms and end-user requirements.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • electron sources for surface science instruments: SEMs, CD-SEMs, E-beam lithography, X-ray microprobes;
  • electron optical UHV analytical instruments, including electron probes, gun source design;
  • advanced detector technology (e.g. Auger) for electron microscopes